Treatment via the app Tät®III


The app Tät-m (previously Tät®III) is available at App Store and at Google Play. It is intended to support men with pelvic floor exercises in cases where these kinds of exercises have been recommended by medical staff.  Urine leakage upon coughing, jumping or sneezing – stress incontinence – is common after an operation for prostate cancer (radical prostatectomy).

When the prostate has been surgically removed, most people experience urine leakage directly after the operation. The leakage usually decreases within several weeks or months, as part of the healing process. In some people, however, the leakage remains, and one year after their operation for prostate cancer, one fifth of patients report that they experience moderate or severe urine leakage.

It is recommended that pelvic floor exercises start before the operation is performed, and that the exercises continue after the operation. Studies have shown that urine leakage problems can decrease more rapidly with the help of pelvic floor exercises.

The Tät®-m app provides a pelvic floor muscle training programme in six basic and six advanced levels, with increasing severity. Four different kinds of “contractions” are described. The app includes visual aids for each level of training, a statistics function and the ability to create reminders.

The Tät®-m app builds upon the Tät® for women, but with completely different content. Texts and content are written by Eva Samuelsson with input from urologists and urotherapists.

A study showed that the Tät®III app facilitated pelvic floor muscle training. The study included men who were soon to have surgery for prostate cancer and had downloaded the app. When the app was downloaded, four out of ten men stated that  they could do contractions “correctly” and 2 out of ten trained every day. Of those who still used the app after three months, 9 out of 10 men stated that they could do the contractions “correctly” and 8 out of 10 trained every day. 97% stated that the app made the training simpler. The study included 388 men, and 137 (34%) of these responded to the three-months questionnaire. Read the article here

The app is now provided via eContinence AB in collaboration with the Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation.

You can download the app here

Good luck with the exercises!