The Tät-m app has been launched in collaboration with the Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation

The name of the app has been changed from TätIII to Tät-m and it has a new logo, a new design and simpler navigation. The app is now provided via eContinence AB in collaboration with the the Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation. 

Thanks to all men who have responded to the questionnaires over the years. Your contribution has helped to increase knowledge about pelvic floor muscle training and urinary leakage.

Treatment results at 15 weeks are important for long-term satisfaction

At the long-term follow-up after 15 months, 58% of the women were satisfied with treatment of mixed and urgency urinary incontinence with the app Tät®II. In further analyses, important factors for long-term satisfaction were quality of life at baseline, along with ability to endure urgency, and confidence in pelvic floor contraction at short-term-follow up. Full-text article available here The Tät®II app is currently not available, but a new study is planned.

The Tät® III app in a new updated version

We have previously demonstrated that this app facilitates training for men undergoing radical prostatectomy. More than 10 000 men have used the app. Now, we want to study if the app affects the need for contacts with health care facilities. The app is updated with new content, new illustrations and questionnaires. The app is free to download at App Store and Google Play.

A brand new version of the Tät® app is now available from App Store

The pink app, which is now being produced by eContinence AB, contains simpler free content and the possibility to upgrade to Premium with new exciting content and new features. Initially the app will not be available in all countries due to the CE marking regulations there. Find out more here

App treatment among pregnant and postnatal women

Many pregnant and postnatal women used the freely available app Tät®, both for prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence. 3680 women answered a questionnaire at download and after three months. A majority of those with incontinence experienced improvement after treatment, and regular pelvic floor muscle training and app use were important factors for experiencing improvement. Read more here

Tät® app – new and improved

The research behind our first app – the Tät® app – is now complete, and that means that the app is no longer financed by government funding for research. For that reason, the doctors and researchers in our team have started up a company to continue to provide and develop the app going forward. Indeed, we believe that everybody should have access to simple and effective treatment, even in the future. We will soon launch a completely new version of the app including simpler free content and the possibility to upgrade to premium, with new content and new features. Initially the app will not be available in all countries due to the CE marking regulations. Read more here

Health economic analysis of the app Tät®II

A health economic analysis of the app Tät®II for treatment of mixed and urge urinary incontinence was recently published in the International Urogynecology Journal. The study concludes that the app Tät®II is a new, cost-effective first-line treatment option, and may be a way to reach more women wishing treatment. Read more here