App Tät®III study

The app Tät®III is developed for men undergoing radical prostatectomy due to cancer. Problems with stress urinary incontinence are common after such operation and pelvic floor exercises are recommended before and after surgery.

The app is available at App Store and at Google Play. The app is evaluated in an ongoing study that started in June, 2018.

In order to follow the use, there are questions integrated into the app regarding age, gender, education, residence (urban or rural), prostate operations, and urinary leakage. After one month there are follow-up questions regarding urinary leakage and exercises and it is possible to comment about the app. Three months after download follow-up questions regarding urinary leakage, exercises and the app are repeated.

Answering the questionnaires is voluntary, and entered data is anonymously transferred to the research database. The answers cannot be traced to a specific user or telephone number. The Ethics Review Board in Umeå has issued an advisory opinion, stating that they do not see any ethical problem with this study.

The Tät®III app builds upon the Tät® for women. The Tät®III app was developed by Eva Samuelsson in collaboration with the department ICT services and system development (ITS) at Umeå University.

The app is CE-marked as a Class I medical device according to the EU regulation 2017/745 MDR.

Preliminary results were presented at the International Continence Society conference 2019, see abstract.

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