About Tät.nu

A quarter of all women have involuntary urine leakage.  Urinary incontinence (UI) is twice as common in women compared to men.

The overall aim of the research project Tät.nu (eContinence.ce) at Umeå university, Sweden, is to develop, evaluate, and implement treatment programmes for urinary incontinence via Internet and mobile apps.


What does “tät” mean?

Why have we decided to call our app for the self-management of incontinence “tät®”?

Well, the incontinence research team behind the app tät® is based in Sweden, and the word “tät” (pronounced “tett” in Swedish) means “leakproof” in the context of incontinence.

In fact, “tät” has many meanings. On its own it means impenetrable or “-proof” and it is usually added to other words to create an adjective, such as leakproof above. Another example could be a jacket that is “vattentät” waterproof, and in plumbing, a water pipe that is “tät” is sealed well, it does not drip.

All of these meanings of “tät” capture the benefits you can gain after using tät®, the app-based incontinence self-management programme.