Questions and answers about the app

Question: I don’t want the phone to ring when I’m doing my exercises; how can I avoid this?


Answer: Temporarily activate the airplane mode in your phone’s settings. Don’t forget to deactivate the airplane mode when you have finished your exercises!


Question: I think it’s a nuisance having to log in to access the app every time the phone rings or something else has occurred which causes me to leave the app. How can I avoid these repeated log ins?


Answer: Go to the app’s (Remember! Not the phone’s general settings on this occasion!) settings and deactivate the Security code. This will also enable you to return directly to where you last were before you left the app.


Question: I’m not getting any reminders to exercise; what should I do?


Answer: The reminder function in the app uses so-called notifications in order to play audio and show reminders. For reminders to work correctly the app has to be allowed to display notifications The image below appears the first time the app is running:

If ”Do not allow” is selected at the time of installation but you later wish to receive exercise reminders, go to the app’s settings and alter Settings -> Notifications -> select ”Allow notifications”.


About iPhone

Question: I want to download the app from the App Store. How do I do this?

Answer: Connect to the App Store by phone. Enter the word  “incontinence” in the search box. You will see an app named Tät, Umeå University, Medicine. Click to install; you may be asked to enter the password for your Apple ID.


Question: I’m trying to download the app but it doesn’t work and I receive the message that I have iOS 4. What should I do?


Answer: iOS is the operating system, the programme which controls all the phone’s basic functions. For our app to work, you need to install a newer operating system, iOS 5 or iOS 6, on your iPhone. To change the operating system to a newer version is not particularly difficult but if you are uncertain, get help from someone with technical know-how.


About Android phones


Question: I want to download the app from Google Play Store. How do I do this?

Answer: Go to Google Play Store on your Android phone. Enter the word “tät” or “incontinence” in the search box. You will see an app named Tät, Umeå University, Medicine. Click on install.


Question: I can’t find the menus for the various parts of the app; how do I get the menus? 


Answer: The menu function varies from one Android phone to another. Some phones have a Menu button which displays application menus; see the following image.

But it’s also common for phones to have so-called ”Soft buttons”, that is to say you click on a menu symbol on the screen. Within the application, the symbol can be located near the top or bottom of the sceen. For example, see the following image of a menu on the upper right of a Sony mobile screen.

Or as below, with some Samsung models – using your finger to drag down to the left; see the following image

This should cause the menu to appear, as in the following image


Question: When I’ve completed Exercise 6 and want to go further with the  Advanced exercises, how do I do this?


Answer: Go to the app’s settings and select Advanced exercises.



Question: If I want record that I have carried out exercises without running the app, how do I do this?


Answer: Select the menu option Statistics and choose the appropriate Exercise. Edit the number of runs by clicking the + button.