Smartphone-based treatment programme for stress urinary incontinence

We have developed the mobile application Tät® for treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women. The app Tät® is now freely available in English for Android at Google Play and for iPhone at App Store.

The app Tät® provides a pelvic floor muscle training programme in six basic and six advanced levels, information and advice. It contains help functions, ability to create reminders, visualisation of each level of training, and a statistic function.

The effect of the mobile application has been evaluated in a study where 123 women were randomised to 3 months treatment with support of the smartphone application, or to a control group. Nine out of ten women in the app group improved, compared to two out of ten in the control group.

In order to follow the use and the effect of treatment when the app is freely available, there are some questions integrated into the app regarding age, education, rural or urban living and urinary leakage. After three months there are follow-up questions regarding urinary leakage and exercises. Answering the questionnaires are optional, and entered data is anonymously transferred to the research database. The answers cannot be traced to a specifc user or telephone number.

The study is approved by the Regional Ethical Review Board, Umeå University (Dnr 2014-389-32M).

Results have been presented at the International Continence Society 2015, see abstract 16 and 526 at and full results are published in September 2016 in Neurourology and Urodynamics.