We have developed a number of treatment programmes for stress incontinence; one via the Internet, one as a smartphone application and one in the form of a booklet. All the programmes contain information, life style advice and a programme of pelvic floor exercises. They are based on three exercise sessions per day for a period of three months. The programmes differ with regard to their scope, amount of detail, support functions and interactivity.

The programmes have been evaluated for women with urinary leakage triggered by coughing, physical exertion (particularly jumping) or sneezing. They have not been used by women who are pregnant or have urge incontinence. The participants have been aged 18-72 years and located throughout the country.

Women with urinary urgency, difficulty in emptying the bladder, blood in the urine, recent irregular periods or neurological symptoms in the lower half of the body have been referred for normal healthcare intervention. This also applies to women with previous abdominal/pelvic cancer.