Terms of use Tät®III

Users may download and use the Tät®III app for information, education and pelvic floor exercises. The Tät®III app is intended to support men with pelvic floor exercises in cases where these kinds of exercises have been recommended by a doctor or specialist continence nurse, in preparation for or after an operation for prostate cancer (radical prostatectomy).  The Tät®III app contains information about the pelvic floor, prostate cancer operations and stress incontinence, as well as a programme for pelvic floor exercises.

The Tät®III app is not intended for the diagnosis of diseases or other conditions, nor is it recommended as treatment unless a doctor or a specialist continence nurse recommends pelvic floor exercises in order to prevent or lessen problems related to  stress incontinence. Users should use the Tät®III app to the best of their ability and judgment. Users acknowledge that Tät.nu is not liable for any injury or loss caused by any mistake, loss of data, incorrect facts or omissions in any information, advice, instructions or content that is supplied by Tät.nu to users, in the event that users use the Tät®III app for any other purpose. Care providers must use their own clinical judgment when using the Tät®III app in connection with the care and treatment of patients.

Tät.nu reserves the right, in its full discretion, to change these terms and conditions of use. Any changes will be published on www.tät.nu and will apply to the use of the Tät®III app beginning on the date on which the said terms and conditions are published or on the date indicated in the terms and conditions.