Privacy policy Tät®III

Tä’s core activity is to provide users of the Tät®III app with information, education and programs for pelvic floor muscle training.

Tä does not collect personal data in the Tät®III app and is thus neither personal data processor, nor personal data sub-processor, for users of the Tät®III app, and thus does not need a privacy policy in the matter of personal data according to the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Tä uses privacy by design for software development. All data in the Tät®III app is anonymized in a way that users cannot be identified. Tä removes all possibilities to identify a person, and there is no additional information that can link the information to users. The anonymization is made in order to use the data for statistical or research purposes. Anonymization means that you cannot reproduce the original information, and the data in the Tät®III app is therefore not covered by the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data from anonymous questionnaires in the Tät®III app with questions about reason for downloading, age, sex, educational level, type and place of residence, prostate operation, pelvic floor exercises and incontinence symptoms are collected and used for research purposes by the research group tä (eContinence) at Umeå University. The Ethics Review Board in Umeå, Sweden, has issued an advisory opinion, stating that they do not see any ethical problems with this study.

Data from questionnaires is always anonymous and Tä does not have the means to trace this data to a specific person. Response to the questionnaires is voluntary and it is possible to use all the functions in the Tät®III app without answering the questionnaires. The answers to the questionnaires are not stored in the Tät®III app. The anonymized data is transferred to a secure database at Umeå University via SSL encryption.

Tä does not ask for and does not store any information about name, social security number, e-mail address, telephone number, IMEI code or IP address.

The Tät®III app does not support sharing information with other apps, systems, organizations or users.

Tä disclaims all responsibility for the personal data collection and management by Apple and Google at the actual download of the Tät®III app via the App Store or Google Play. In that section, Tä refers to the privacy policy of Apple and Google.


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