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The app Tät® is a CE-marked medical smartphone application for the treatment of  stress urinary incontinence. It was developed within the research project Tä at Umeå University with support from the unit for IT services and system development (ITS) at Umeå University. The app contains information, pelvic floor exercise programmes involving 6 basic steps and 6 advanced steps, a facility for creating reminders, and a statistical function. Treatment supported by the app produced positive results when assessed in a research study for women with leakage triggered by coughing, exercise (especially jumping) or physical activity.

Nine out of ten women who trained for three months with the help of the app experienced improvements, compared with two out of ten women in the group that waited to be given the app. Urinary leakage decreased and quality of life increased in the group that used Tät®. Long-term follow-up showed that these effects lasted.


The research regarding the Tät® app is now complete, and the app is no longer financed by research funding. For that reason, the doctors and researchers in our team have started a company aimed at providing and developing the app going forward. In our latest development of the app we have updated the information and added new sections and features. The original pelvic floor exercise programme, which was evaluated via scientific trials, remains unchanged.

Developer and producer: eContinence AB corp reg no 559326-4244, Eriksbergsv 27, 831 43 Östersund, Sweden.

Information about the company and the  Tät® app is available here


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