Terms of use

Users can download and use the Tät® app for information, education, pelvic floor muscle training and self-management of stress urinary incontinence. The Tät® app is only intended for pelvic floor muscle training and for self-management of stress urinary incontinence in women. The treatment involves information about the pelvic floor, about stress urinary incontinence and about factors that affect incontinence and a pelvic floor muscle training program.
The Tät® app is not intended for diagnosis of disease or other conditions, and is not intended for treatment of conditions other than stress urinary incontinence. Users must use the Tät® app to the best of their ability and judgment. Users confirm that Tät.nu has no responsibility for damage or loss, for any reason including damage and loss caused by errors, loss of data, errors or omissions in any information, advice, instructions or content provided by Tät.nu to users, if users use the Tät® app for any other purpose.
Tät® reserves the right to change these terms of use at its own discretion. Changes are then published on www.tät.nu and include the use of the Tät® app from the date on which conditions are published or on the date stated in the terms.