New updated version of the Tät® app

We are now releasing a new version of the Tät® app on the App Store and on Google Play. It is available in both Swedish and English and it is free. It has a new design and we have also added the ability to use sound for the pelvic floor exercises. The training statistics functionality has been improved. As previously, we follow up usage and results using surveys in the app, and so far 28,000 women have answered our surveys. Find out more about the app here and more about the study here.


Higher expectations for the mobile app Tät® was associated with better results

We analysed data from the study of the first mobile app Tät®   to assess if certain factors were associated with larger improvement. Our analysis showed that a larger part of the women who had higher expectations, did not gain weight, and increased their pelvic floor muscle strength also experienced larger impressions of improvement. The entire article can be found here.

Continuing positive treatment results after two years

Two years after the treatment we followed up those women who had used the app Tät® for treating stress incontinence. The improvement in symptoms and quality of life, compared with before treatment, was statistically significant and at the same level as three months after the start of treatment. The long term results provide support for use of the app Tät® as a first-line treatment. Read more here (summary in English).

Health economic analysis of the app Tät®

A health economic analysis of the app Tät for treatment of stress incontinence was recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The study concludes that the app is a new, cost-effective, first-line treatment alternative which can increase the access of these women to healthcare in an economically sustainable way. Read more here.

Research funding for Tä from Kampradsstiftelsen

Eva Samuelsson has been granted 3.9 million kronor by Kampradsstiftelsen as funding for the project ”E-treatment for urinary incontinence in women, men, the elderly and frail elderly people”, link.

The project is being conducted by Umeå University in collaboration with Lund University, Örebro University, Mid Sweden University, Region Jämtland Härjedalen, Skåne University Hospital and patient associations.

Positive results from the app study now published

Exercising with the app Tät® led to a reduction in the number of urine leakages per day from 3 to 1. The study’s results have now been published in the journal Neurourology and Urodynamics, as ”early view”, link.
The study is described in a press release from Umeå University, link (in Swedish).

The app Tät® is now also available in English for Android

The app Tät® contains information, pelvic floor exercise programmes in 6 basic steps and 6 advanced steps, a facility for creating reminders, and a statistical function. The app has been developed from our research.

Besides being available in Swedish for iOS on the App store and for Android on Google Play, there is now an English version for Android available free of charge on Google Play, read more (in English).