Research funding for Tä from Kampradsstiftelsen

Eva Samuelsson has been granted 3.9 million kronor by Kampradsstiftelsen as funding for the project ”E-treatment for urinary incontinence in women, men, the elderly and frail elderly people”, link.

The project is being conducted by Umeå University in collaboration with Lund University, Örebro University, Mid Sweden University, Region Jämtland Härjedalen, Skåne University Hospital and patient associations.

Positive results from the app study now published

Exercising with the app Tät® led to a reduction in the number of urine leakages per day from 3 to 1. The study’s results have now been published in the journal Neurourology and Urodynamics, as ”early view”, link.
The study is described in a press release from Umeå University, link (in Swedish).

The app Tät® is now also available in English for Android

The app Tät® contains information, pelvic floor exercise programmes in 6 basic steps and 6 advanced steps, a facility for creating reminders, and a statistical function. The app has been developed from our research.

Besides being available in Swedish for iOS on the App store and for Android on Google Play, there is now an English version for Android available free of charge on Google Play, read more (in English).

Regular exercise, age and good short term results were success factors in the long term

The treatment of stress incontinence via the internet or via the booklet has been shown to also produce good long-term results. In the article ”Non-face-to-face treatment of stress urinary incontinence: predictors of success after 1 year“ we have examined what the predictors are for successful results after one year. The results at the 1-year follow-up were found to be more successful in those women who achieved successful results from the pelvic floor exercises after 4 months, those who exercised regularly in the final month before the 1-year follow-up, and in older subjects.